We know that the people who will use our cylinders trust them to ensure their security and protect their privacy, so we only produce cylinders of excellent quality that guarantee performance over time. This certainty about product quality comes from our unique production control and testing system.

Many companies that make lock mechanisms use an automatic quality control system to check the products that come off their assembly lines. These systems take items ready for packaging and test the standard functioning of their movable parts on special machines before packing and shipping them. We have no such automated controls, because the level of precision they guarantee is insufficient to meet our quality standards.

The quality of each single article we produce is rigorously controlled manually, one by one, by our operators, instead of an automated system. Only a manual control, in which the object is manipulated and “felt”, allows us to verify the correct internal functioning of the latch mechanism. This means we can be sure that all the pins, top pins and springs are functioning perfectly, or intervene to correct the problem if one is found.


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