The value of our offer is not limited to providing a “made in Italy” product of superior quality, but also includes customer service of a level that befits the excellence of the products.

Our consignment times are very short, thanks to a warehouse dedicated to products in the catalogue, especially those used in the hardware sector, which allows us to expedite orders in the briefest time possible. Standard waiting time for a shipment is normally under two weeks from order confirmation, so our clients can minimize their inventory management problems.

In order to be able to run KA (keyed alike systems) and MK (master key systems) orders in the least time possible, we keep an inventory of semi-finished components on hand, which allows us to fill an entire order in just a few days.

We are always at the disposal of our clients, even for cylinders that exceed standard limits in terms of dimensions, finishings or order size. Within the physical limitations imposed by the machinery and materials utilized, in fact, we can always find the most suitable solution for any need.

With our clients and resellers, we try to establish a relationship that will allow us both to grow, based both on mutual commercial visibility and on the possibility of developing, designing and realizing unique and innovative products.

Only by achieving an equivalently elevated level of service can we continue to offer our clients high quality cylinders that will meet their every need.


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