In the era of imported goods, we continue to underscore the value of the “Made in Italy” label as a guarantee of high product quality. To us, offering “Made in Italy” products is not just a slogan, but a strategic decision that is applied concretely day after day. It means insisting on making reliable, resistant and long-lasting products, no matter how much extra effort that requires.

We are convinced that a product should not be labeled “Made in Italy” simply because the seller or the company that carries out the final production steps is located in Italy: that distinction should be reserved to products whose entire production cycle takes place here in Italy. That’s why our suppliers for all the trim or the outsourced production processes are Italian. Choosing exclusively Italian suppliers permits us to exercise more control over the materials, components and trim we utilize. Controls that are sometimes carried out in person, by visiting the production plants and observing their processes. This scrupulous control allows us to proudly stand behind every single cylinder, every single cabinet lock, every single latch lock that is made in our plant.

Offering 100% “Made in Italy” products has allowed us to hold our own against imported products which, though costing less, are unable to guarantee an adequate level of reliability and security to their purchasers.

For all these reasons, we are convinced that the only rational option is to continue on this road, proud to be offering a product that is 100% Italian in all its components.


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