We are thoroughly used to planning, designing and realizing special, unique and innovative cylinders. This was already standard operating procedure in the sixties, with the products that made our reputation: over time, their maximum expression developed into the realization of custom-designed products for special purposes.

Moreover, we are not just sub-suppliers for the companies that order custom-designed products: we collaborate with them from the very start, offering suggestions and developing the idea into a prototype and then adapting it for batch production. The company has a dedicated space for co-working on these projects, so that all the actors involved can intervene promptly: planners, designers and operators. Developing a custom product in partnership allows us to find the right balance between functionality and price while keeping the quality level high.

Custom-designed cylinders can also be realized in smaller quantities, and can be personalized on both the keys and the cylinder surface.

We try to satisfy every need involving a cylinder, within the limits of mechanical possibility. To give you a clearer picture of how we work, here below we’d like to illustrate some success stories not covered by industrial secrecy agreements.

Special product - Postal Sector

A custom-designed cylinder intended to lock some post office boxes in Italian post offices.

• Front cover to protect the lock from water and dust
• Self-locking cover to prevent accidental opening
• Dimensions dictated by the client
• Serial numbers for identification on both lock and key
• Oxidation-proof cylinder, potentially exposed to adverse weather conditions

Special product - Nautical Sector

Our client’s technical division requires a custom-designed cylinder that will close a locker. It is developing for a new line of vessels to go into production.

• Special key.
• Key that can be used as a ‘handle’ to open the locker.
• Passkey with medium security level that will open all the lockers.
• Single lock for various dimensions and thicknesses of locker doors.
• Oxidation-resistant cylinders, which may be exposed to sea water.


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