For almost 60 years, our company has been producing door latches and cylinder locks of the highest quality, for both private and industrial clients. We have chosen to remain artisans because our company philosophy is oriented towards the quality of the final product rather than the quantity of items produced, and we are more than just suppliers for our clients: we are reliable, flexible and trustworthy partners.

Our universal door latches are also perfect for display cases, showcase, cabinets, letter boxes, standard locks, electrical locks, panels, drawers and anything else that has a lock and key system, and are checked one by one before they are consigned to our clients. A manual control, rather than a mechanical one, lets you “feel” the mechanism (composed of pins, springs and top pins) and give an accurate evaluation of its durability and exclude any eventual defects.

In addition to the production of universal latches, we have specialized in the production of cylinders for unconventional applications, or highly specialized ones, like on construction sites, in the automotive sector, in nautical sector, for safety deposit boxes and luxury construction projects. These special cylinders are often developed with the direct collaboration of our operators, who have years of experience working their machine tools and are therefore the best authorities on what they can and can’t do.

Our entire organization is oriented to satisfying our clients’ needs to the utmost, through the manufacture of cylinders for locks that will be secure and will deliver perfect performance over time, meeting the need for security and functionality. Over time, the only way to achieve this objective is to continue to invest in machines that reduce the margin of error, select our suppliers well and respect the norms contained in the ISO certification.


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